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Refunds & Cancellations

Cancellation of your scheduled event within 14 days will result in the forfeit of your initial deposit. Any scheduled event requires 30% deposit covering your room fee (if applicable, food, beverage, etc.) for your event. Rescheduling must be arranged only 15 days prior to your scheduled event. Cancellations made prior to 15 days before your event are eligible for a full refund of your deposit.


Menu & Guest Count

The final menu and guaranteed number of guests must be confirmed 1 week prior to the scheduled event. We prepare 5% above the guaranteed number. Absolutely no reductions in the guaranteed guest count will be accepted less than 1 week prior to the scheduled event.


Rental Times

Rental times include time that is booked in the hourly basis as seen on our website or as arranged with rental manager.
Our current available scheduled times are as follows:

Mon - Thu:  8am - 8pm

Fri - Sat - Sun:  8am - 1:00am (of the following day)

*Any additional times or changes must be pre-approved by our manager in advance.

Refunds & Cancellations

Hidden City Loft will provide white table linens, white napkin linens, glassware, plate ware, and silverware for all events. A banquet manager must approve all additional decorations or displays brought onto the premises. No confetti will be allowed for decoration purposes. Use of confetti will result in a forfeit of your initial deposit.

Food Policy

All food and beverage arrangements (with the exception of cakes or desserts for special occasions) MUST be provided by the Hidden City Loft. Special arrangements can be made to allow food to be brought to our premises for your event only if provided by a recognized and approved operating restaurant or caterer from the state if NY, NJ or CT.

Hidden City Loft will (or will not) provide additional to-go boxes for client’s allowing guest to take home desserts. Any food provided buffet or family style not consumed will (or will not) be permitted to leave the premises, reflecting the health code.  No propane is allowed inside the Hall premises.


Clean Up

There is a mandatory charge for cleaning our venue. Pricing for clean up is dependent on the number of guests attending your event. We will make sure that the Hall is kept clean during the event.



You are requested to ensure careful usage of the hall and all facilities. Any damages to the same will be claimed from you


Let us cater your event
We are a full catering venue and can accommodate any of your needs. Contact us below.

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